Cheesecakes & Tarts

Triple Berry Tart

raspberry, blackberry and blueberry trio atop a vanilla custard

Nutella Tart

nutella and chocolate mixed together in a delicious hazelnut crust

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Lemon Tart

a very lemony tart, made with real lemons and lemon juice

Funfetti Birthday Cheesecake

funfetti cake mix combined with a cheesecake filling in a birthday cake oreo crust

a perfect substitute for those who are big on cake for their birthday

Rice Krispie Treat Cheesecake

a rice krispie treat crust with marshmallow filling in cheesecake!

it isn't as rich as it sounds

New York Style Cheesecake

a classic cheesecake to tone down the more exciting ones we have to offer, but no less amazing

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

this is essentially a BIG reese's peanut butter cup but with an oreo crust! very rich.

Marshmallow Mermaid Pie

a light marshmallow and white chocolate filling inside a graham cracker crust


as always, we do take requests!

Cheesecake & Tart Pricing

$22.00  Full Sized Dessert

$6.00 Mini Dessert

Sizes vary on fulled sized desserts but they are very large

why order from us?

Unlike the $10.00 pies at Walmart, ours are made from scratch.  every.  last.  bit.

the crust, the fillings and even the lemon curd is made by zesting and squeezing real lemons! ( i have the scars to prove it!) We put the effort into these and each one is carefully thought out and given seasonal touches.

true, we may be more expensive.  if you decide to try them, you'll realize that the quality is well worth it.

i hope you do