Pecan Pie

sweet. pecans. delicious.

a southern staple that every northern citizen should try!

Blueberry Pie

a juicy sweet blueberry pie with a hint of lemon crust!

a favorite of husbands and toddlers

Apple Pie

a classic in any pie shop!

accompanied perfectly by some vanilla bean ice cream

Cherry Pie

a mixture of sweet and tart cherry filling! a summer must have!

Turtle Pie

a chocolate and caramel filling topped with pecans and my personal favorite

Rhubarb Pie

a midwestern classic!

just plain rhubarb.

Banana Cream Pie

vanilla custard with an abundance of bananas throughout

sure to satisfy even the monkeys!

Peach Pie

a sweet peach packed pie!

peaches accompanied by


Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin. crust. simple and amazing

Sour Cream Raisin

a double crust pie filled with raisins and sour cream and cinnamon!

it is not sour, promise!

Berry Berries Pie

blackberry and raspberry filling perfect for any summer get togethers!


here is the spot where i tell you that i will do my best to make any pie you request! barring strawberries. allergies.

why order from us?

Unlike the $10.00 pies at Walmart, ours are made from scratch.  every.  last.  bit.

the crust, the fillings and even the lemon curd is made by zesting and squeezing real lemons! ( i have the scars to prove it!) We put the effort into these and each one is carefully thought out and given seasonal touches.

true, we may be more expensive.  if you decide to try them, you'll realize that the quality is well worth it.

i hope you do


$17.00  Full 9" Pies

$6.00   Mini 3" Pies

$2.50 Slices (when available)